Cosy cinema

Proof is in the pod

as seen on bbc Dragons' den

Its what's inside that counts

- Movie lovers have their own Cosy Cinema
- Sports fans love the intensity!
- Boxset bingers enjoy the peace & harmony!
- Gamers think its awesome

Your own Cosy, home from home, Cinema experience.
Guests are travelling from all over the UK to check us out.

Here at Cosy Cinema we believe:
"It's what's inside that counts"


Our mission... is possible!

"To create happy moments, in a nutshell"

Designed from a nutshell, this immersive cinema experience is like no other in the market today. 
We are first of a kind. 
   We hope to build Cosy Cinema Pod Parks in inner cities for many guests to enjoy. 

proof is in the pod

Guest stories

Cosy Cinema has had 4 marriage proposals, plus lots of girls and guys making their relationship official. We have children's birthday celebrations, family and friends 'get togethers'. We are incredibly humbled and proud to play a small part in these special moments.

cosy cinema locations

Cardiff UK
Cardiff Caravan Park (opposite Glamorgan Cricket stadium)

Dinas Powys UK
Our home... where it all started!

Newport UK

Upper Dock Street (opposite potters pub)

Coventry UK 

Winter 2024

Swansea UK

time to get cosy...

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The Pods

  • Dinas Powys & Cardiff UK
  • Newport opens in Summer 2024
  • 9 Cosy Cinema Pods across 2 sites
  • Newport, 15 Pods - all with bring your own gaming console facility
  • Parking for 1 car only
  • We provide a PS4 gaming console with every pod
  • You can also log into your own PS4 account to game.
  • Use friends and family media accounts too
  • Many streaming app’s to enjoy
  • Like a hotel room, no cameras inside.
  • Right to refuse entry.
  • Shower / Toilet block next to pods (We recommend flip flops, sliders or crocs)
  • Read our 5* reviews... (below)
  • Bring your own gaming console to plug and play in Pods 3-6, Cardiff site only.  Important note: Please ask if its possible before plugging your gaming console in otherwise it can cause damage to our pods or affect other guests that are enjoying which you will be liable for. Our Pod Keepers and Instagram team can easily help.


  • Parking for 1 car only
  • Newport site has parking in Friars Walk carpark 
  • Guests must NOT plug in any device without being shown how to do so by the Cosy Cinema team.
  • Guests must not remove any items from their current position.
  • Max: 2 Persons overnight stays, 1 person must be 18+ (ID can be requested)
  • Max: 4 Persons for 3 hour showings
  • No Pets allowed due to guest allergies
  • The same experience inside every Pod
  • 2 or 3 nights is fine by us... just DM @cosycinema_official
  • No smoking or excessive alcohol
  • Turn off sound when pod door is open
  • Sound inside kept to a reasonable level to respect others outside
  • Overnight stays: bring your own towel and toiletries
  • We recommend flip flops, sliders or crocs for walking to shower/toilet block
  • No tolerance to drugs. At all.
  • Right to refuse entry
  • Respect others

Get Cosy

  • Stays can be extended while inside the pod subject to availability, DM to enquire  
  • You can order takeaways to your Pod, pizza's etc
  • Air conditioning & Heating  
  • Fully insulated and sound proof. But guests must respect other guests and passers-by
  • All Pods are the same size
  • Great experience to enjoy as a family, friends or couples
  • Birthdays, Anniversaries & Romantic set ups available
  • Parking for 1 car only

Scan QR code

Reach our booking page with ease, just use your camera to scan the QR code and follow link. 


Pod almighty... the reviews are incredible (Hulk), all 5 stars, see below.